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Melbourne,Victoria, OO, au
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Hi ,there,I'm a longtime fingerpicker from Melbourne ,Australia and a long time Martin fan. I got hooked on fretted instruments back in the early 60's and in 1963 imported 2 D 18's from a firm in New Zealand,one for a friend. Both long gone but no regrets as I soon found a 1923 0-18K which I had re-topped with spruce in 1966 by Maton[who make Tommy Emmanuel's guitars!]...it's a great little guitar! In those early instrument collecting years I used to correspond with Mike Longworth, before his days with Martin,what a collection he had! Ive recently been to the U.S to Nazareth and the Healdsburg Festival,wonderful to meet so many kindred spirits...especially at Eric Schoenberg's wonderful store at Tiburon !

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